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A Lens on London Wildlife

A lens on London Wildlife

Unveiling the Urban Wildlife Photographer: A Collaboration with UAL Students

In the heart of bustling London, where the city's rhythm beats strong and the concrete jungle seems to dominate, a hidden world is waiting to be discovered. Amidst the urban sprawl lies a diverse array of wildlife, often overlooked in the daily hustle and bustle. At AM Nature Photography, we believe in uncovering the beauty of nature in unexpected places. That's why we embarked on an exciting collaboration with students from the University of the Arts London (UAL) to explore and capture the wildlife that thrives amid the metropolis.

In this unique project, we set out to showcase the rich biodiversity that calls London home and what it's like to be a wildlife photographer in the city. We challenged the notion that wildlife photography is reserved for remote landscapes and exotic locales. With the keen eyes and creative vision of UAL students, we delved into the city's parks, gardens, and waterways, seeking out moments of serenity and natural wonder amidst the urban chaos.

Our journey took us to Richmond Park, the crown jewel, where we encountered a stunning variety of flora and fauna, including elegant swans, baby goslings, and the mighty Red deer.

Armed with cameras and curiosity, the students embraced the challenge of capturing these fleeting moments, employing innovative techniques and perspectives to bring the urban wilderness to life and understanding what it's like to be a wildlife photographer in the concrete jungle.

Through stunning visuals and evocative storytelling, we sought to inspire others to look beyond the surface of the city and discover the hidden gems that lie beneath.

We hope to ignite a newfound appreciation for the natural world that surrounds us, even in the most unexpected of places.

So, the next time you find yourself in and around London, take a moment to pause and look closer. You may be surprised by the beauty that lies just beyond your doorstep. And remember, with a camera in hand and a spirit of adventure in your heart, the possibilities for photographing and seeing wildlife in the city are endless.

This would not have been possible without the amazing team from UAL; credits are at the end of the short film; I urge you to go and check out their excellent work.