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Photographing the Deer Rut


You could say I’m an observer. I suppose it comes with growing up in a rural setting, in the South Downs National Park in the South of England.

From a young age, I had an affinity with nature, being lucky enough to be surrounded by it. It has shaped me as a person, and defined my work as a nature and wildlife photographer.


My work has taken me around the world, from photographing tigers in India to capturing wolverines in Finland, along the way enjoying the breathtaking majesty of remote fishing villages in Norway.

Seeing wildlife, flora and fauna in their natural habitat is a great privilege, which is why I am so passionate about sharing these special moments. In my fine art photography gallery I have selected images that capture the raw and unique beauty of our planet. In my photographic workshops I share a lifetime of experience of getting closer to nature.

In the Field

To me, it’s more than just taking a photo - it’s capturing a moment in time. I sit and wait patiently, letting life unfold, documenting it through my trusted lens.

But the world is changing, as we’ve so starkly seen of late. For this reason I want to help promote the conservation of animals and plants. I hope to inspire you to unleash your inner wanderlust and explore all that is great in this world - and protect it too.

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