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Tip Of The Week

Backgrounds, Backgrounds, Backgrounds!


An area often overlooked, or sometimes forgotten, in nature photography is the backdrop.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, it's important to consider what's behind your subject. This means thinking about and controlling your background, something that can vastly improve the final image of your own, unique nature photography.

The art of photography composition tells us to keep backgrounds simple and clean. Try to remove or avoid a backdrop that distracts from the story you're trying to tell. If in doubt, check out my wildlife photography gallery for inspiration.

Sometimes small adjustments can completely make or break the final image, focus on the subject that you are shooting and play around with the composition, and try to get the subject background separation, by being closer to the subject with backgrounds in the distance.

Shooting wide open (lower Fstop) to get a buttery bokeh is always nice.

I send out tips & tricks weekly related to nature and wildlife photography, so make sure you come back and visit my blog on a regular basis.