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Tip Of The Week

Highlight Warnings 


Highlight warning is another quick way to tell in-camera via image playback if you have blown out your highlight and are overexposing your image.

Every camera is different (don't forget to read that manual) but as a quick overview you can go to your camera setting menu

- Nikon DSLRs, look for the Highlights checkbox in the Playback display options menu.

- Canon DSLRs, you’ll find the highlight alert option in the Playback menu as well.

Once enabled when you are reviewing an image on the back on the camera you can cycle to the highlight preview if you get the affectionately know blinkings this is an indication that your highlight is blown.

Maybe this is the effect that you are after, if not try the following:

1 - increase your shutter speed

2- Underexposure using the cameras exposure compensation

Come back next week for another tip.