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The Funniest Captures - Wildlife Comedy Awards 2019

Grab life by the .....

In these stressful and uncertain times, it's good to get a little gleeful distraction and something to smile about. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned professional, it’s important to stop and observe nature's candid moments and have a giggle while doing it.

Wildlife photography can oftentimes be a little stiff and take itself far too seriously, so the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards offer a lighter perspective and direction when contemplating the issues that our planet is facing.

I love the affable and subtle way in which they are tackling awareness and I welcome it fondly.

In 2019 the competition welcomed 4,000 entries from 68 different countries broken down into the following categories:

Creatures of the Land Category

Also chosen as the overall winner

Grab life by the .....
©Sarah Skinner - Grab life by the .....

Spectrum Photo Creatures In The Air Award

The air award
©Vlado-Pirsa with Family disagreement

Olympus Creatures Under The Water Award & Affinity Photo People's Choice Award

©Harry Walker with Oh My!

Amazing Internet Portfolio Award

Portfolio 1
©Elaine Kruer with First Comes Love... then comes Marriage

Highly Commended

The following images were chosen as stand-outs from the competition. I think we can all agree that they are worthy of the commendation

©Tilakraj Nagaraj with Warning! Territory Marking, follow at your own risk.
©Corey Seeman with Who would like a peanut?
©Geert Weggen with Squirrel Wishes
Tom Mangelsen with Chest Bump
©Tom Mangelsen with Chest Bump
Mike Rowe with Deer What Deer
©Mike Rowe with Deer - What Deer?
Tom Mangelsen with Laid Back
©Tom Mangelsen with Laid Back
Alastair Marsh with Waltz gone wrong
©Alastair Marsh with Waltz gone wrong
Martina Gebert with Dancing yeah
©Martina Gebert with Dancing...yeah!
Eric Keller with Inconspicuous
©Eric Keller with Inconspicuous
Elmar Weiss with Surfing South Atlantic Style
©Elmar Weiss with Surfing….South Atlantic Style!
Roie Galitz with Space Man
©Roie Galitz with Space Man
Txema Garcia Laseca with  To be or not to be
©Txema Garcia Laseca with To be or not to be