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The Funniest Captures - Wildlife Comedy Awards 2019

Grab life by the .....

I’m a little late to the party, but due to the uncertain times, I felt that we all need some distraction, something to smile about. Whether you are starting out or a seasons profession, I believe it’s important to stop and observe natures candid moments and have fun when doing it.

Wildlife photography can sometimes be a little stiff and take itself far too seriously, this is where the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards set a new perspective, and direction when considering the issue’s that the planet is facing.

I love the sublet way in which they are tackling awareness which I welcome fondly.

The 2019 competition had 4,000 entries from 68 different countries, that has been broken down into the following categories

Creatures of the Land Category

Also chosen as the overall winner

Grab life by the .....
©Sarah Skinner - Grab life by the .....

Spectrum Photo Creatures In The Air Award

The air award
©Vlado-Pirsa with Family disagreement

Olympus Creatures Under The Water Award & Affinity Photo People's Choice Award

©Harry Walker with Oh My!

Amazing Internet Portfolio Award

Portfolio 1
©Elaine Kruer with First Comes Love..then comes Marriage

Highly Commended

The following selection were chosen as stand out images from the competition. I think we can all agree that they are worthy of the appearance

©Tilakraj Nagaraj with Warning! Territory Marking, follow at your own risk.
©Corey Seeman with Who would like a peanut?
©Geert Weggen with Squirrel Wishes
Tom Mangelsen with Chest Bump
©Tom Mangelsen with Chest Bump
Mike Rowe with Deer What Deer
©Mike Rowe with Deer - What Deer?
Tom Mangelsen with Laid Back
©Tom Mangelsen with Laid Back
Alastair Marsh with Waltz gone wrong
©Alastair Marsh with Waltz gone wrong
Martina Gebert with Dancing yeah
©Martina Gebert with Dancing...yeah!
Eric Keller with Inconspicuous
©Eric Keller with Inconspicuous
Elmar Weiss with Surfing South Atlantic Style
©Elmar Weiss with Surfing….South Atlantic Style!
Roie Galitz with Space Man
©Roie Galitz with Space Man
Txema Garcia Laseca with  To be or not to be
©Txema Garcia Laseca with To be or not to be