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Tip Of The Week

Handheld Sharp Shots  

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There is an obsession with pin-sharp images, I hear it all the time if this is your main goal follow the tips below to reduce the dreaded camera shake.

1- Ensure you have a proper technique when holding the camera body and lens support the camera body and push your elbows into your side to create more stability,

2- Find the Camera - Lens balance point, and use your spare hand to stabilise the camera here, use this in conjunction with point 1

3- Use objects for further stabilisation, a tree, a wall or the ground

3- Shoot in continuous mode (burst mode)

4- Ensure you are utilising the camera or lens inbuilt stabilisation - turn it on

5- Ensure you have enough shutter speed, the reciprocal rule shutter speed is equal too or greater than the lens focal length

6- The closer you are to the subject will be beneficial, as long as it's carried out ethically, and deemed safe for the subject and yourself

I hope you fond these tips helpful,